The Power of Checklists with Alexandra Franzen

Checklists tend to focus on obligations, but what if your checklist prioritized what feels good and what you care the most about?
The Power of Checklists with Alexandra Franzen
Published January 3, 2023

Checklists are ubiquitous in our busy, overwhelmed lives.

But what if checklists helped us to prioritize more than obligations, like joys, pleasures, and self-care?

Alexandra Franzen is a Hawaii-based best-selling author of 6 books, a writing teacher, an entrepreneur, and the co-founder of  Get It Done, a woman-owned company that helps clients create beautiful books in all genres.

She joins us to discuss The Checklist Book: Set Realistic Goals, Celebrate Tiny Wins, Reduce Stress and Overwhelm, and Feel Calmer Every Day, including how checklists can help change our lives for the better, manage stress, and prioritize joy in our lives.

Alex’s words and work have been seen across Newsweek, Time, Forbes, USA Today, The New York Times Small Business Blog, and The Los Angeles Times.

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