The Perils (and Privilege) of Self-Identifying with Your Work with Shauna VanBogart

Shauna VanBogart helps entrepreneurs find work that aligns with their self-identities. But what happens when your self-identity changes?
The Perils (and Privilege) of Self-Identifying with Your Work with Shauna VanBogart
Published August 15, 2023

Doing work that feels authentic to “who you are” as a person can be quite a gift and privilege; not all of us get to do work that feels in integrity to our values and beliefs.

And yet, one of the unseen struggles of those whose work blends into their self-identity is, “If ‘what you do’ is ‘who you are,’ then happens your sense of self changes?”

Shauna VanBogart is an entrepreneur, mentor, and speaker who helps entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of evolving self-identity, especially in the modern Internet and social media era. A former image consultant, today, Shauna specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially women, build sustainable service-based businesses that align with their authentic senses of self—fostering financial freedom, fulfillment, and impact along the way.

With a background in Communications and Leadership Studies and certification in clinical hypnotherapy, Shauna VanBogart has been featured in Huffington Post, Mint.com, MSN, and CareerBuilder.com.

She is a 40 Under 40 award-winner and honored as one of Charleston, South Carolina’s Most Influential Women in Business.

In this interview, Dave and Shauna explore…

  • The untold challenges of being a self-employed entrepreneur in the online space today—and why it’s harder than ever
  • What signs, symptoms, and signals to look out for that say you have “outgrown your work”
  • The difference between experiencing symptoms of burnout and needing to make a change in your life or work
  • How avoiding making a big decision in your business (or personal life) can hold you back from a necessary evolution in work

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