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Our application process is like a self-guided, miniature coaching session, designed to spark insights and awareness— while helping us to ensure the best fit for your goals and needs—in 15 minutes or less. 

READY TO GET COACHED? here is our process…


Review Our  Agreements

Scroll below to review the agreements that will govern our coaching journey together. If you agree, proceed to submit your application! Coaching is by application only to ensure a great fit for your needs and goals.


Submit Your Application

If you feel great about this opportunity, don’t put off applying for “later”! Enthusiasm has a shelf-life, attention spans today are short, and coaching spaces are always limited. Submit your application while you’re here!


Receive a  Response

Within 2-3 business days, you’ll hear back from us! If we seem like a great fit for coaching, we’ll schedule a secondary meet-and-greet call that we call a Discovery Session.


Meet with Your Coach

Upon approval, we’ll schedule a Discovery Session on Zoom to to discuss your goals in greater depth, what coaching would look like for you, and answer any outstanding questions you may have.


Begin Coaching!

If you agree that you and your coach are a great fit for your goals, you will set your initial coaching container (either a set package of sessions or a duration of months), make a down payment, and begin coaching!


The following principles establish a healthy, productive, rewarding coaching experience.
Please read, contemplate, and agree to each before applying for coaching.

Take Ownership

While your coach will be a great source of reliable, dedicated support and dependability, you agree to take full ownership of your coaching experience and any results or outcomes as being those that you solely create. As your coach, I can help show you yourself, your habits, your mindset, your story, and what I sense may support your success, but the work you do is entirely your own.


You agree that coaching is a professional relationship and that your professional goals are the primary focus of our work together. You’re an awesome human being, but coaching is NOT a space for personal friendship. Placating, cheerleading and people-pleasing (as friends might) is counter-productive to coaching and compromises your coach’s ability to support your expressed commitment to growth and achieving your stated goals.


You will be held in the highest regard and respected for the full and whole human that you are, without exception. All gender identities, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, and lifestyle choices are welcome. As respect is given, it is also expected: you agree to respect your coach as a human being, as well as a professional and a service provider. You also understand that your coach will always do his best to work in your best interests.


You agree to bring dedication to fulfill your coaching commitments, just as you would any other important investments and commitments that you make in your life. This includes honoring your appointments, fulfilling these agreements and expectations around coaching to the best of your abilities, and being dedicated to achieving the goals that matter so much to you (even if they shift, morph, move or change in the course of coaching, which they often do!).


You understand that coaching involves disappointments, setbacks, occasionally missing goals, and changing your mind about what matters. This is not only expected but healthy and productive! It means growth is active and ongoing; it gives us a chance to actively respond to, and engage with, real-world conditions. You agree to stay resilient, forgive yourself, be honest, keep coming back, and never fear “disappointing” your coach.

No Quick Fixes

The process of coaching is designed to be slow, sustainable, and lasting. You can achieve tremendous goals through coaching, but coaching is not about quick fixes, finding magic pills, fast answers, or hurried actions. We focus on the long-term by dedicating what we can, right now, in the short-term.

Neither Therapy, nor Therapeutic

You agree and understand that coaching is in no way, shape or form meant to be used as, or understood to be, therapy, therapeutic, mental health counseling, or anything related to mental health and healing, in any way, whatsoever. As needed, your coach may encourage you to take certain topics of discussion or concerns that arise in coaching to a licensed mental health professional for the best support and care. In rare instances, your coach may recommend phasing out your agreed-upon coaching container early if severe mental health symptoms or unsafe behavior occur that endanger the client, the coach, others, or are otherwise inappropriate in a coaching setting. Coaching is not therapy and should never be considered therapeutic in nature or in effect.


Our application will provide you with instant clarity and awareness while helping us to ensure a great fit for your coaching needs. Applying only takes 10-15 minutes, so take your time, get honest and open up: we don’t judge; we’re here to serve. Expect a response in 2-3 business days.

Your Salary Range (US Dollars)

7. Coaching packages range from $500 to $3,000. If you are offered a space and would like to proceed with coaching, are you able to comfortably afford this investment? Payment plans may be made available upon request.

About Your Coach, Dave Ursillo

Dave Ursillo is the founder of The New Story Company and has been a guide to others’ wholeness, wellness and self-realization since 2012.

Once an aspiring presidential speechwriter and former White House intern, Dave left his career path in public service in 2009 to lead with his words and stories, instead. Ever since, he has published five books and 600 essays, coached over 300 clients, and taught classes and workshops on four continents.

Dave believes that the most important stories that we tell are those that we get to live and lead, every day of our lives.

His words and work have been seen across CBS News, INC, Forbes, NPR and Creative Live, among hundreds of other blogs and publications. Dave is blue-eyed, a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), the eldest of three kids, comes from Irish and Italian ancestry, and considers French sourdough croissants to be his religion.

Frequently asked questions

"Is coaching right for me?"

Coaching is a professional relationship and support system that provides accountability, clarity, guidance and direction during periods of uncertainty and change, or, phases of rapid growth and expansion. Coaching is probably right for you crave support, want your blind spots challenged, and inherently value collaborative co-creation.

"How does coaching work?"

Once you apply and are accepted, the next step is a 90-minute Discovery Session with Dave, your potential coach. This time is a spacious, explorative session in which you meet one another, explore a potential fit, discuss goals and expectations, and consider an initial coaching timeline.

"What is Dave's coaching style?"

Dave is a highly perceptive, active listener who helps you connect your beliefs, opinions and perspectives with outside considerations, circumstances and conditioning that formulate the “story” of our lives. Dave offers unique angles and insights to support your personal understanding of your problems and dreams alike. He is highly compassionate and a skilled professional who blends support with accountability, and never resorts to toxic behavior, peer-pressuring, manipulation, hollow cheerleading, or hand-holding.

"How is coaching different than therapy or counseling?"

Coaching can be easily confused with therapy or counseling but it is important to understand that coaching is not an appropriate substitute for therapy, counseling, or work with a qualified and licensed mental health professional. Coaching is not appropriate for working on traumas or emotional/psychological healing. Coaching takes a forward-looking, goal-oriented approach and is not intended for crisis intervention or to treat mental health matters like depression or anxiety. 

"If I have some reservations about coaching, should I apply anyway?"

Having some reservations is not only valid, it’s to be expected—and is  encouraged! Hesitation is often a sign of healthy discernment, not self-doubt or lack of commitment to your dreams. If you’re not 100% right now, please do consider applying anyway. Share how you’re feeling and be honest. The application process is designed to help you figure out if this coaching opportunity is right, right now, or if it isn’t.

"What happens in a coaching session?"

Every session is different based on your needs, wants, or intentions, but generally, every coaching session: explores your “story of the moment”; digs under the surface of what you’re struggling with or working on right now; reminds you of what your goals are really all about; taps unused resources that may help you achieve your goals, and strategizes your next steps for taking action. 

"What are the benefits?"

A range of studies have shown that the benefits of coaching may include decreased stress, improved decision-making, enhanced resilience, greater self-acceptance, and improvement of overall quality of life. Results vary from person to person, but generally, a supportive professional coaching relationship can help you work towards goals with less indecision and second-guessing and greater feelings of encouragement and optimism.

"Where does coaching take place?"

Coaching is entirely remote and takes place over the Zoom app. While your Discovery Session with Dave is a video session, your coaching sessions are audio-only to untether you from screens and devices while enhancing your ability to think creativity, imagine, daydream, envisioning, doodle, reflect, or wonder, as we coach together.

"How long is each session?"

Coaching sessions occur in one-hour, designated time-slots at set appointment times that you self-schedule according to your coach’s availability. Your session time begins at the scheduled time, even if you are late to the session, and ends at the scheduled ending time.

"How much does coaching cost?"

Coaching is a four-figure investment with average packages ranging in price from $1,500 to $3,000, depending on client needs. Investing in coaching should be an easy, healthy investment in yourself, your goals, or your business or career, and should never place any undo pressure on your business or financial wellbeing.

Is your question not answered here? Email us directly and we’ll see if we can answer it for you.